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    New update gives much needed buffs to premium tanks


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    New update gives much needed buffs to premium tanks

    Post by Greywoolfe64 on Wed May 31, 2017 8:57 am

    According to WG, the new update 3.8 will see a speed buff to the STA-2, and an engine, armour and gun buff to the Löwe. cheers Also, there will be an Ardennes summer version, as well as updates to Redshire and North West. Not sure about the last two, but the one thing that spoiled Ardennes was all that HD snowfall, that made it bloody impossible to see who was shooting at you from half a map away. Without the snow, it may be more playable. And my Löwe will deffo get more plays finally, as the buffs were so badly needed to make the thing playable.

    Paint me as cautiously optimistic on this one...

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